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With their unique porch styles, there is room for some front porch gathering as well as interior storage space.

Features & Options Gallery

24 x 27 Loft WindowFiberglass Door with Windows6 or 9 ft Roll-up Garage Door
Metal Roofing. (Available in Gray, Black, Green, Brown, or Red)General inside view of a building.Patented Soffitt System24x36 or 36x36 Window


14 Ft  16 Ft 
14 x 20
14 x 24
14 x 28
16 x 16
16 x 24
16 x 40

Building measurements are approximate and are measured from eave to eave when 12’ wide or greater. Sizes vary by location. Colors shown are only intended as a guide and may vary from actual color on building; check actual building samples before making final selection. Some features shown are upgrades to our standard features. Please speak to your local Graceland Portable Buildings® dealer for more information.

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